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A 20-minute consultation provides the opportunity to gather background information and talk about your main concerns. 

It also is the time to ask questions and get to know your SLP and their process better.

Direct time completing standardized and/or clinical tasks and observation with your child.  A written report will be provided and may be used for educational purposes if standardized measures were used.  Results and recommendations will be reviewed with you and options for a tailored therapy plan will be discussed.

Assessments costs vary based on the type of assessment and start at the following price:

Speech sounds - $112.50

Language - $300

Literacy - $450


Here we work towards your therapy goals in a dynamic process that considers evidence based practice, response to therapy, your family's needs.

Therapy sessions lengths start at 30 minutes and can be discussed with your SLP.

$150 per hour
Dinosaur Fight
$150 per hour
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